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Mother's Day Monday 2020

Mother's Day Monday 2020

Prior to 2021, Women have always been making history, and Black women have been no exception.  Challenges are synonymous with the word and name WOMAN!  Those challenges have carved historical events that have shaped our societies and raised men heads and shoulders above others.  Although we have been pummeled into various boxes, we change the shape of each tool given to keep us. Each time, we increase our limits to limitlessness and always knowhow to face the music.

Who said that our bodies were made to carry babies?  Well, they were right, but not for all of us, and when we do, we get right back to business.  That said, rearing of children is a full-time job on its own, so Bless up to us women who have been doing it both. We handle the tentacles of Life, it can be the learning, the earning, or the yearning.  Whether or not they are luxurious, we get it done.  Often, there is major suppression, lack of support and possessiveness of who we are. It is hear to recognize who you are when the wallpaper is already made for you as oppose to being able to create your own print.  The suffocation is real, the inequality is unsurmountable, but not unconquerable.  The grind to re-write the book is continuous, and we women continue to rise like the aroma that we are, filling our space with us.

This month is an annual climax of the roar! The recognition that is deserving to history, that which was made and that is being made.  Milestones are concurrently active with the daily activities of all and great women.  Inequality may be on the law books, but it is not holding back women of today, and leading the pack. This annual celebration is global and welcomed by many.

Notable of the celebratory period are the historical women of colour.

While we say a happy celebration month to all women, the scope of this article centers on women of color, their achievements, and their great contributions to society.  Some of those few women of color who against all odds had become powerful and influential figures in the society include Cheryl Bowles, Jamaica Kincaid, Michelle Obama and Mellody Hobson

Cheryl Bowles, a child of the soil of the Caribbean, more specifically, Trinidadian.  She is a biochemist and entrepreneur.  Ms. Boyles, put her brains to the metal and formed a beauty company, creating the brand Cher-Mère.  This is natural, aromatherapy and herbal products for hair, skin, and body.  So, the meat of the matter we are sharing is that Ms. Boyles was first woman to hold a managerial position at Nestlé, Trinidad, and Tobago n 1976.  She was their chief chemist, head of quality control, and head of research and development. Now this was her career before she formed her company Cher-Mère, then creating The Herbarium Ltd.  This allowed her to spread her wings across the Caribbean and the USA.

Leaving a legacy is important, and Ms. Boyles understood this.  Now her daughter, Dr. Aba Bowles-Mortley, who has always been a part of her mother’s business, plays an active role in the company.  Her mother took her everywhere with her, especially where the business was concerned, since she was a toddler.  Aba follows in her mother’s footsteps and has a PhD in Materials and Chemical Engineering” https://www.chermerecaribbean.com/pages/cheryl-aba.

Mellody Gibson once said that financial literacy is dangerous! So, yes, Ignorance is not an excuse to use repeatedly.  Well, she can say that. She has been the-CEO and president of Ariel Investments, a Chicago-based firm with $12 billion in assets.  Ms. Gibson has been putting in the work that now allows her to be a board member for Starbucks and JPMorgan Chase.  She was also the chairman of the board for Dreamworks’ who is now a part of the Comcast brand.

Her eventful life, philanthropy and accolades are enough for her to be considered historical and hence why we have deemed her a historical figure to share with you.

We all remember when Morehouse College Students had their debt cancelled!  Well October 2020 was a memorable one for Princeton University.  Ms. Hobson established a new residential college at Princeton University with her donation. It is after all her alma mater.  Well, she keeps changing the narrative. Past President Woodrow Wilson no longer has the college house named after him.  Yes, it will be named after a Black woman. Mellody Hobson. And That is a first for Princeton. https://www.fool.com/investing.


Michelle Obama

Did you know that the first African American First lady was one of three Flotus who had a post graduate degree? Michelle Obama, you know her, Former President, Barack Obama’s wife. She was the first Black First lady and was the FLOTUS for two terms.  And that’s a wrap! No way, this is one where we must be kidding.  Ms. Obama made a health imprint on the schools, aiming to make school meals and snacks in schools healthier for kids. She sought to make all Americans healthier as well, encouraging movement with the “Let’s Move Program.  It makes one wonder if Americans were healthier between 2008 and 2016.  Now this was a stretch from who was educated to be.  Ms. Obama is actually an attorney at law.  She is also an author.  However, before the white house, Ms. Obama was the assistant commissioner of planning and development at City Hall in Chicago, founding executive director of the Chicago chapter of public Allies, the associate dean of Student services for the University of Chicago, and many other key participatory roles in Chicago and the University of Chicago


Youth has always been a part of her activity plan, and the Reach Higher Initiative was spearheaded by Mrs. Obama.  This program helped students to understand job opportunities, education, and related skills.

Michelle Obama was already a herstory maker and hammered home the chapter when her husband of then 16 years became the first African American President of the United Stated.  I could not have left him out of her story.  You know what they say: “Behind every great woman is a strong black woman who knows how to drive the highways of life even at the seat of her pantyhose.” They didn’t say that I did.

“Michelle Obama | The White House.” https://www.whitehouse.gov/about-the-white-house/first-families/michelle-obama/.


Kamala Harris

The United States has had a slew of female history makers, but this one was that of a drop put who was flown back into the race by those who knew what she had to offer.

Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 presidential race against the incumbent Donald trump because of low campaign funds.  She was not the only one.   She however was the only one that was drawn back in to be the vice president with now president, Joe Biden.

Vice President Harris is an attorney and has championed a program that provides first time drug offenders an opportunity to earn their high school diploma!  Mama wants you to learn.  VP Harris continues to fight for the people like she has done countless times before.  One of these times, she won a settlement of $20 billion dollars for Californians whose homes were foreclosed and a settlement of $1.1 billion for students and veterans that were scammed by an education company.

As we read through who Mrs. Harris is, we see why she wanted to be president.  Her impressum is no less than impressive.  Her continuous effort to save historically black colleges was signed into law.  Of years of fighting to keep the American people safe from foreign threats, visiting the middle east, trying to keep people out of jail, an educating them, as well as saving people from the Gallows.  20018 was the year that her bipartisan anti-lynching bill was passed in the senate.

That is all what is keeping her busy.  She is definitely making her Caribbean and Indian ancestors proud today as she continues to elevate herself, for the people. “Kamala Harris: The Vice President – The White House.” 28 Jan. 2019, https://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/vice-president-harris/.








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