#12TalkitOff is Now! #MomShaming #GLobalracialdivide, #Share, #repost.

Proud Momma

Proud Momma

#12TalkitOff is Now! #MomShaming #GLobalracialdivide, #Share, #repost.I do not own the rights to the music being played.Jullian, Lóuanna, Apostle, Glenn, Lisa, Marc, Travis, Gibril, Kirk, Rob, Ingrid, Rhaj, Sandra, Cj, Odeth, Steven, Vchic, Van, Keva, Teneille, Shawn, Eric, Laurence, Lindel, Vasquez, Werking Automotive , Carolina Kitchen, Ethiopian Airlines, Music Club MC Germantown MD, Washington Post, Hershey's Restaurant & Bar, Georgia Avenue Baptist Church, Rockville Town Square Outdoor Ice Skating, Debbie, Brian Courtney Wilson, WYCB Spirit 1340am, WOL News Talk 1450 AM/95.9 FM

Posted by Careen Carlton on Monday, November 12, 2018

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